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No upfront costs


Get a custom solution you pay for monthly. All support included. No strings attached.

Start right away

Start using your solution within a week of our second meeting.

Pay only for what you use

Start with five contractors? Pay for five. Jumps to 100 in August? Pay for 100 in August.

Customize as needed

You are free to change any and all aspects of the software. You deserve tools that match your workflows and evolve as needed.

What's most pressing for you?


Streamline AP+AR

  1. Contractors submit invoices online
  2. Approve/dispute them with a click
  3. Build receivable invoices automatically

Journey Management

Keep your team safe on the road

  1. Contractors check in before a long drive/flight
  2. If they're late, we automatcally send escalating alerts
  3. Never worry about your team or the auditors.

Job Management

Track each job's progress

  1. Contractors use the other Oso modules
  2. Automatically keep track of the state of each job
  3. Always know who's holding you up and what's next


Better understand your business

  1. Profitability by client/job/region? Check.
  2. Kilometers driven by province? Check.
  3. Build your own analytics? You bet.

Easily handle 100 more contractors without growing your in-house team.

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